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Useful lists for web designers, programmers and bloggers

Posted on: August 9, 2009

This page contains a collection of some interesting lists which contain useful resources for web designers, programmers and bloggers. If you want to add your list, please add a comment!


– Useful Adobe Flash frameworks and graphical engines for developers
– 7 Powerful image carousels for web designers
– 10 Beautiful Web UI libraries
– 16 Outstanding free Dreamweaver extensions
– Interesting resources to add new features to WordPress
– 8 Interesting CMS for e-commerce websites
– Useful resources to improve look and features of HTML Forms
– 10 Free powerful Content Management Systems
– 7 Stunning tutorials to design modern interfaces for websites
– 25 Awesome tutorials for web designers


– Useful scripts and resources Facebook-inspired
– Useful scripts to plot charts in web pages
– 10 Free CAPTCHA scripts and services for websites
– Free resources for quickly developing AJAX applications
– 6 Interesting online presentations for web developers
– Free spell checkers for HTML Forms
– Interesting Resources to learn Object Oriented Design
– Useful Ajax Auto Suggest scripts collection
– Interesting html FORM Validators
– Best Rich Text Editors ready to use in web projects
– File uploaders collection
– Best Image Croppers ready to use
– Beautiful datepickers and calendars
– 20 Great PHP framework for developers
– Resources and tutorials for developing stunning web sites
– 10 Tutorials to learn Scriptaculous
– 10 Useful articles about Database design


– 8 Interesting Adobe AIR applications for web lovers
– 10 Interesting social applications for your Google Phone
– 30 Interesting Twitter services and applications
– 5 Optimal online Photo Editors
– 5 Awesome free web hosting services
– Free tools to create your own social network Facebook-like

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