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Interesting Code Highlighters for blogs and websites

Posted on: August 9, 2009

Code highlighters are very useful tools to present code snippets on your blog or website with a professional look and improve the readability of code you provide for your readers. In this post I want to reply to some requests I received in the past weeks about this topic and suggest you my five favourites code highlithers.

1. SyntaxHighlighter
SyntaxHighlighter is a popular code highlighter to help a developer/coder to post code snippets online with ease and have it look pretty. It’s 100% Java Script based and it doesn’t care what you have on your server. This is the final result:

2. Quick Highlighter
Quick Highlighter is an useful online tool to convert a plain text that contains some code (HTML, PHP, JavaScript) to formatted-highlighted code ready to copy and past on your blog or website. This is the result:

3. FV Code Highlighter
Frank Verhoeven released this great code higlither that transforms plain text in higlighted code in the same style of the Dreamweaver higligther. The result is very nice and professional:

4. Source Code Highlighter
This online tool allows you to highlight your C#, VB, ASPX, HTML, XML, JavaScript code for publishing on a web site or in a blog.It doesn’t use CSS styles in output, but pure HTML FONT (size, color and font attributes) tag.

5. Highlight.js
Highlight.js highlights syntax in code examples on blogs, forums and in fact on any web pages. It’s very easy to use because it works automatically: finds blocks of code, detects a language, highlights it.

Any suggestion? Please leave a comment!


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